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But sometimes the dating patterns we create can be our own undoing. Unfortunately this is the wrong way to approach it, if you want to date successfully. Some of the patterns are good for you – the more comfortable you are, the more confident you become. Whilst older daters will spend longer chatting to someone online before they meet than younger daters do, when it comes to the actual date, they cut dates far too short.My local support group even hosted a live Skype session with her to discuss the teen years and dating.

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The very nature of speed dating has taught us that we can identify attraction in a matter of minutes. Yes, on face values they may have qualities which we find attractive or unattractive, but it’s incredible how much someone’s personality affects the way we see them.

We live in a culture where we think we know what we want. After all – that’s what a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife will become. And did you decide who your best friends are in just a few minutes? In two to three minutes, we can work out if we find someone automatically physically attractive. Often it’s only when we’ve got to know someone, that we work out whether they are truly attractive.

Of course, you can use Jerome’s words of wisdom on any gender.

I’m sure Cyrus is going to be horrified today when someone finally tells him what I posted, but until then, I thought this post was a good idea. Being a teenager with life threatening food allergies is even harder! I can’t imagine what it is like for our children and I’ve reached out to Allergic Girl, Sloane Miller for information on dating.

I didn’t appreciate anything I had, as I either didn’t take time to recognise it, or I took it for granted.

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