Gridview1rowupdating in asp net

We will use SQL Client data provider to provide database connectivity.

Before you can use any classes related to SQL Client data adapter, we need to import the Sql Client namespace in your application by using the following using statement.

See demo The Batch edit mode speeds up the grid control's performance by eliminating excessive data updates.

In addition to the control displaying returned data, you can enable the control to automatically support update and delete operations on the bound data. You can specify the display of text and data contained in the rows.

Additionally, you can specify whether the data rows are displayed as items, alternating items, selected items, or edit-mode items.

The control can automatically perform editing and deleting operations with its associated data source, which allows you to enable editing behavior without writing code.

Alternatively, you can control the process of editing and deleting data programmatically, such as in cases where the properties to apply a CSS style to the sorted column.

Refer to the demo's Description for more information.

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