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Dreadlocks are not acceptable.’ ‘Sod’s law – it happens to us all but don’t cancel your appointment you’ll regret it in a week.’ ‘So you feel even more amazing when we’ve finished.’ ‘Everyone is allowed to make a mistake, make the same mistake again though and we might start judging.’ Harsh, but fair.In the 385th episode of TSPS, we continue with Apocalypse’s latest apartment list and try to convince a few landlords that I’ve invented a perpetual motion machine. Prepare for an hour of talking to apartment managers and killing just a small percentage of lawns, not the entire thing.

Tran: Typically, 15 minutes is too late because we work in 15-minute intervals here at the salon.

If a client shows up super late, it causes me to run late the rest of my day.

For native solutions, we leverage the power of i OS by using Swift. We recommend native solutions when your app will be taxing the phone’s resources regularly.

This typically happens when building games, streaming applications, or apps with heavy image processing.

When it comes to mobile there are 2 choices: Native or Hybrid.

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