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In Homefront, you can command warships that stretch for kilometers and field dozens of weapons.Build nimble frigates which dip and weave in combat against their counterparts and strafe larger ships. Homefront was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Halo.Before you smash that earpiece against the wall in sheer frustration, don’t!

The updates introduced by Windows 8.1, however, are much more pervasive and consequently seem to be causing more trouble than Service Packs in previous Windows versions.

Windows 8.1 can cause several issues during the process of upgrading and even more afterwards.

Today, as I checked my phone on my lunch at work, I was rewarded with valuable knowledge.

It turns out that Update 2.0 to Homeworld Remastered is slated to release on the 7th of June! If you've been gone the last month, you would have missed that we slowly started revamping some of our models and textures in anticipation for a new release.

And getting satellite to work aver Mac or Linux and some Windows systems is often impossible.

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