Hibernate onetomany not updating

Hibernate comes with a great variety of features that can help you tune the data access layer. Flyway, Liquibase) allows you to use any database-specific DDL feature (e.g. Every migration should have an associated script, which is stored on the Version Control System, along with the application source code.

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In the case of a Bidirectional relationship, one of the Entity Beans is always the owning side and the other side is called the inverse side.

In a Unidirectional relationship, because only one of the Entity Beans in the relationship bears reference to the other, that Entity is the owning side of the relationship and there is no inverse.

This article is based on the latest chapter that’s been added to the Hibernate User Guide.

The Performance Tuning and Best Practices chapter aims to help the application developer to get the most out of their Hibernate persistence layer. However, having a very efficient data access layer is a common requirement for many enterprise applications.

It all seems to work quite well until we run into the dreaded "detached entity passed to persist" message.

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