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They are willing to experiment, they are easier." The research shows that, with an older boy, girls are less likely to use a condom and more likely to get pregnant than other sexually active teens. Sometimes she doesn't have the assertiveness to stand up for herself and demand that a condom be used.

Studies also show that, on average, girls who lost their virginity to an older boy ended up having more sexual partners than girls whose first time was with someone their own age.

I never had the patience to deal with someone who wasn't mature enough for me.

Even as I get older, I look at some of the guys my age and think, "Wow, how can any girl ever put up with that." Not all guys are like this.

I like a little challenge."-Austin, 24"Being a spoiled brat or selfish and vain. Know when to stop."-Jacob, 23"I don't want to hear about your ex-boyfriends...

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