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However, they always remained friends and were spotted hanging out here and there during the break.

Then, earlier this year, they rekindled their romance.

In 2012, Kristen cheated on R Patz with film director Sanders.

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“I am not engaged, no,” he said, without offering any further explanation.

Liam Hemsworth got down on one knee and asked Miley Cyrus to marry him at the tender age of 22 (Miley, on the other hand, was just 19), and even though they've seen a bit of a rocky road in their relationship, he doesn't regret the engagement for one second.

She has also previously said that she considers herself sexually fluid and also identifies as neither male or female.

With Miley’s recent coming out, many fans wondered if this meant her relationship with Liam had hit a rocky patch but that isn’t the case at all.

"I always hated the word 'bisexual,' because that's even putting me in a box.

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