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Když na tomto webu na něco kliknete nebo přejdete, vyjádříte tím svůj souhlas, že smíme pomocí cookies shromažďovat informace na Facebooku i mimo něj.

Of course, there are several other factors involved – the main being the quality of the artwork and the personality of the artist.

It is easy to become disillusioned when you see artists with thousands of followers and yours sits there in the hundreds. From looking at many successful artists on Facebook, I have learned something very interesting. That is, if you take 6 months to reach 1000 fans, it may take about 3 months to reach 2000.

This is because with an increasing fan-base comes more interaction, and therefore more people seeing your posts.

The Facebook ad type you go with will depend on what you’re trying to achieve.

Each of these metrics has its own value, so choose your main objective before you get started.

Here's a collection of some of the most influential and rising stars on Twitter when it comes to AI and machine learning.

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