In case you haven’t heard: an individual who seemed pretty bitter toward cheaters hacked into the member database of the dating website designed for married people who wish to have an affair, threatening to release information on every Ashley Madison customer if the website wasn’t taken down.

When the site remained active, the information was released, which included usernames, email addresses, and billing information for millions of members.

While seeing a spouse’s name among the members could cause serious marital discord, would it make a difference in the event of a divorce to be able to prove that a spouse had successfully used Ashley Madison to cheat?


On one occasion, he explored London wearing a kippah (skull cap).

When he returned to his east London neighbourhood, he forgot about his head covering and wondered why he was getting a funny look from the man in the cafe when he gave his order for a bacon sandwich.

Evidence of infidelity would have no legal significance toward granting a divorce, and a family court judge would not have a reason to spend time hearing it.

Additionally, a family law court will not take into account evidence of wrongdoing during the marriage when devising a separation of marital property.

Dalam acara pembukaan, Sabtu, 8/7/2017, berhasil menarik ratusan peserta seperti mahasiswa, Rohis Kota Metro, para alumni dan masyarakat Kota Metro untuk hadir.

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