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I’m sitting in an old classroom, its strong smell evoking memories of museums and aging buildings… I sit in a desk, with a tabletop barely large enough to hold my lavender binder. “Reject” by Green Day is booming in my headphones as hurriedly, the pencil in my hand is running across the paper, steady to the music. She’s sitting on the rickety wood chair at a dimly lighted desk, eating crackers or something out of a box. Friends listen to you patiently, even though in their mind they are bored of your stories.

“Ten minutes left,” my TA says at the desk in front of the powdery, dusty chalkboard. My quick scrawl, small and slanted, is my heart, spilled out on paper. Proud of another essay finished, I gently tear each page of my essay from my notebook. The blinking light of my cell phone temporarily mesmerizes me for two seconds while I lay in bed. Quietly, with my pillow and blanket under one arm and flip-flops in another, I open the door to my room. But a closer look at her face, and her features show she is a mix of ethnicities, some definite and some buried deep in her expression. We can say we had to go.” I laugh at Christine’s suggestion and place my hand on the cold doorknob. Without any authorities, little things like curse words and breaking rules slip out. It has the same effect on me as it does my fellow Tree Huggers. ” she says in a Spanish accent, an imitation from a movie we had watched the other week. Willie cracks up again, for no reason, “I love this, you guys! They are all stories of craziness, of freedom, and of (slight) insanity. I can’t even write something that will embody the wholeness of CTY.

And at thirty, Sam realizes that Kat is the one..he's afraid that the past will get in the way.

This is our extended chatroom for the worlds fashion platform for those talented in Hair design,photography, modeling, and make up we are scouting we welcome everyone to join and network on the FP community please visit and join chat room is for Western expatriates interested in retiring or buying property in Indonesia, specifically Lombok Island where I have lived for the past 12 years.

A recent article in Scientific American drew the conclusion that no, no they couldn’t, based on a pair of studies of 88 couples in mixed-gender platonic relationships.

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