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Each lesson in this new program is design to get you using advanced Spanish in fluent conversations.And if you don't get more confidence and fluency with each new module then you can contact me.

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The more ways I find to simplify Spanish for you, the less "thinking" you'll have to do, the less "choices" you'll have to make and the more fluent you'll become! Or what's one simple rule for when to use the subjunctive? As long as the person teaching you has correct pronunciation you're good to go. In the background your subconscious works furiously to "figure out" how to deal with all this new stuff that's coming in. .​Once you have structure in place it's such an simple task to add in the finishing touches afterwards to match your target country. It'd be like insisting on an Australian English course simply because you intended to live in Australia. Years ago I starting experiencing what it's like to help others with Spanish and it has became a very addictive thing for me!

Throughout every step of the journey I always give you "the easiest way" to do things and a very gentle learning curve so that level 10 really doesn't feel that much harder than level 1! You'll easily be able to flick between the past, present and future tenses along with having a high frequency vocabulary perfect for conversation. It's what you'll have too but please, Most of us are busy and simply don't have a lot of hours to dedicate to learning Spanish but that's O. There are many studies that show In school I did 4 years of French and German and came out not being able to string a single sentence together in either of them, let alone hold a conversation. Honestly, it would really be a shame to disregard this course simply because you believed you needed one specifically for Spain...

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Come and meet people with a common interest in Spanish while experiencing a piece of Latin culture. The people are very eager to practice their Spanish, which is excellent for us beginners.

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