Iron dating

Because there is good arable land at the site, archaeologists working at the dig (pictured) believe that Iron Age people would have traded cattle and grain for metals to create things like digging tools Dr Russell told Mail Online that the animal parts were carefully placed in storage pits between seven and 10 ft (two and three metres) deep that were usually used for storing grain and other important supplies beneath the entrance of houses.

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Iron tools were first made in the Middle East about 1,500 B. ________________________ My regards to the following for their help in this project; UNICEF in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Zambia for indirectly sponsoring the study; Professor Serpell, the Director of the Institute of African Studies for his comments and suggestions, Mrs. Daka of the Chemistry Department of the University of Zambia for his assistance in the interpretation of the chemical analysis of the field samples.

My thanks to Jane Myers who is Bowman Hall Secretary at Bridgewater College.

asserts that the Zambian Society which is part of Central Africa, lived in a stone age in its historical background in the earliest time.

This implies that the inhabitants had neither domestic livestock nor agricultural produce, mining and metal work were unknown.

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