Is anne heche still dating james tupper

The tides will ebb and flow as they perform their magnetic dance with the moon.And Anne Heche will still be nuttier than a fruitcake.

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co-stars will reunite on screen to play Karen and Joshua Copeland, a pair of marrieds who have to contend with supernatural creatures as well as their own teenage children after a series of natural disasters finally sticks a fork in life as we know it.

Don't expect to see Anne Heche and James Tupper walking down the altar any time soon as the actor has stated that he and the actress are not yet planning to get hitched.

(1997), portraying the wife of an undercover FBI agent (Johnny Depp) whose marriage is strained by her husband's work.

Her performance in the film earned her both commercial and critical acclaim. In 1997, Heche also made news for her romantic life.

"I'm not saying we'll never [officially] get engaged, but she likes getting a ring every year." Anne Heche and James Tupper were co-stars in ABC's TV dramedy "Men in Trees".

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