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Stereoviews, also known as stereographs, were also created in the late 1850s and reached a peak of popularity in the 1870s.Stereoviews were cheap photographs that simulated a 3D view.

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set decorator Deborah Siegel with the idea of dressing the show in avant-garde works, she immediately approved.

From Mathew Brady's Civil War photos to Ansel Adams' landscapes to Irving Penn's magazine shots, antique and vintage photographs are highly collectible. By the mid-1840s, they were affordable for the average person, and it is therefore relatively easy to find old daguerreotypes today.

According to docs filed in Monterey County Superior Court, the marriage of Clint and Dina ended Monday.

As TMZ previously reported, Clint attempted to block Dina from getting spousal support ...

In the mid-1850s, ambrotypes replaced the daguerreotype.

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