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Also recently, there was an article stating that Dale and Kelly Clarkson were being hooked up. Junior has been linked with Emily Maynard, 21, the girlfriend of the late Ricky Hendrick.

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Five days after the crash, Maynard learned she was pregnant with Ricky’s child and gave birth to a daughter, Josephine Riddick “Ricki” Hendrick, in June 2005.

She became linked with Earnhardt in early 2006 after they were spotted together at a boxing match in Atlantic City.

The Texaco/Havoline Dodge team isn't complaining about the testing schedule or aero rules, or even the chill wind that has everyone donning parkas. "We don't have time to worry about that other stuff," Jamie Mc Murray says, his voice crackling with intensity.

Every run-up to a new NASCAR season features one driver who attracts an outsize share of buzz from all points of the paddock, a popular sleeper pick who's never been a bona fide title contender but is now expected to bust his way into the big room. But it isn't going to happen unless we make it happen, now is it? His entire career has unfolded with a unique sort of duality.

The latter year was better for Mc Murray, as he won two races and finished sixth in the overall points standings. Mc Murray's entry into Cup racing did not go as planned.

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