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The Net's become home for its own superstars, do-gooders, freaks, artists, zillionaires, heroes, perverts, idols and villains.

It's spawned its own language, its own power players, its own economy and even its own zeitgeist. When you've actually poured a bottle of rosé on your head at one o'clock in the afternoon, almost anything is possible. I am the Fat Jew's fat Jewish Campaign Manager for President of the Internet.

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At the sentencing hearing earlier this month for convicted Brooklyn pervert Andrew Goodman, the pederast was so happy about the wimpy sentence he was set to receive (thanks to a sweetheart plea deal from the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office) that he used the court appearance to declare his undying love for one of the young, male victims of his perverse sexual appetite."Every second of every day, all that I think about is [you]," Goodman told the court, while staring at one of his teen victims.

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