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Intrigued by the potential match, Smackdown general manager Daniel Bryan announced that Cena would be facing Corbin at Summer Slam on Aug.

Kristen Stewart is "definitely" open to dating men again in the future.

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John Cena kicked off Smackdown Live Tuesday by addressing his loss to Shinsuke Nakamura before trading verbal barbs with Mr. Corbin made his presence known to Cena by slamming the 16-time champion for shaking Nakamura's hand following their bout last week and for sticking his nose in Corbin's business.

The Lone Wolf was referring to how Cena attacked him after he ambushed Nakamura by tossing him onto a table.

Coleman was able to find John Durant in New York City, and a DNA test proved that he was a "close genetic relative" to Carly.

Bobbie wasn't positive that John was her father since she had been a prostitute and it could have been any one of numerous guys she didn't know, but she did confirm that she had a relationship with John. There was one problem though, John was a prosecuting attorney who wanted to bring down mobsters Sonny Corinthos and Lorenzo Alcazar.

In the diary, Bobbie talked about a guy her age that she had a relationship with; she only listed him as JD in the diary.

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