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Which sounds exactly like the nonexclusive ones: “It’s just lot of chatter,” Mayer said. There are very few people actually meeting up.” Mayer is an uncle now, which appears to have strengthened his urge to settle down.

Cameron Diaz is 41, an age that strikes fear into the heart of many an actress. No wonder she isn’t concerned about the passage of time.

Lean and athletic, from rigorous hours logged at the gym, she is dazzlingly pretty, with sparkling blue eyes.

” she exclaims, sitting bolt upright on a jade velvet sofa in an airy Los Angeles hotel suite. She is dressed in Rag & Bone jeans, a plain white T-shirt and oversized Isabel Marant cream cardigan; her tanned face is make-up free, her nails are scarlet and her blonde hair is scraped back in a tight bun.

The singer who has just created media headlines with his being photographed enjoying an intimate lunch with longtime friend Moore in Soho on Tuesday August 14th is now reported to be dating movie siren Diaz.

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