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Now we will create a hello world web application using JSF 2.2 with Maven. Also create helloworld1.xhtml as given below to run the example using config file. It is very simple to create a web application in Java Server Faces technology.

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The work was overseen by the Technical Director Stanley Hooker.

One concept which looked promising was the BE52, which initially used the Orpheus 3 as the engine core and, on a separate coaxial shaft, the first 2 stages of an Olympus 21 LP compressor, which acted as a fan, delivering compressed air to 2 thrust vectoring nozzles at the front of engine.

This thrust would come from four centrifugal blowers shaft driven by a Bristol Orion turboprop, the exhaust from each blower being vectored by rotating the blower scrolls.

As a result, an engineer at Bristol Engine Company, Gordon Lewis, began in 1956 to study alternative engine concepts, where possible, existing engine components from the Orpheus and Olympus engine series.

The web application uses the Hibernate framework as the persistence layer for retrieving and storing plain old Java objects (POJOs) to a relational database.

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