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She was then allegedly taken hostage around 6am that morning and Ms Muo claims her boyfriend threatened to kill them both by driving into a pole.'He threatened to kill himself and me by driving us into a pole - I pretty much have to do what he says,' she told Daily Mail Australia.'I begged him to stop and slow down. Eventually the pair stopped at Bolte Bridge where Ms Muo was able to get away from the car after the two hour nightmare.

It shouldn't have happened - I mean all the people that lost their family and their loved ones, you know.' 'Jimmy is just lost,' she said.'It was scary.. Gargasoulas's mother, Emily, said she was sickened to hear about her son's alleged rampage.'I feel so ashamed and bad, you know,' Ms Gargasoulas told 7 News . Gargasoulas was charged with five counts of murder on Monday.

The girlfriend of Dimitrious 'Jimmy' Gargasoulas, the man accused of deliberately ramming a car into pedestrians in Melbourne killing five people, has posted a cryptic love note days after the massacre.

Akiir Muo, 25, claimed she begged for her life on Friday as her boyfriend Gargasoulas allegedly took her hostage and drove erratically around the city before letting her out on Bolte Bridge. Now i realize how Madly I LOVE YOU (sic),' she said.

The Kurdistan Regional Government has changed course, declaring its commitment to Baghdad to retreat from territory that Kurdish forces have taken from ISIL. Peshmerga shed their blood to free Kurdistan’s land and end the suffering of our people."KRG, later retracted Barazani remarks, saying that his comments, originally made in Kurdish, were taken out of context and "mistranslated".

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