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Communication Network of Women's NGOs in Iran-Facilitates the communication and networking among women's NGOs in Iran. Institute for Women`s Studies and Research IWSR-NGO aiminag at promoting the status of women Islamic Women's Organization Iran Zoroastrian Women Society Iranian Association of Women's Studies-Iran based organization. Topwomen-First National Congress of Successful Iranian Women. Women Association of History Researchers (Iran)-Estbalished in 1988, WAHR promotes research in the field of history.Women's Research Institute-Focuses on women's and family issues.The film programme covers a broad range of quality mainstream and arthouse films and there is a full bar and deli serving quality food and drinks.

CEFTUS is a non-profit organisation which works to build bridges between Turkey and the UK, and between Turkish, Kurdish and Cypriot communities.

PRONUNCIATION: i-RAH-keez LOCATION: Iraq POPULATION: 20 million LANGUAGE: Arabic; Turkish; Aramaic (Syriac); Kurdish; Armenian; Persian RELIGION: Islam (Shi'ah, 54 percent; Sunni, 41 percent); Christianity; Judaism Modern-day Iraq is located on the ancient land of Mesopotamia, or "the land between the rivers." The first human civilization is thought to have flourished here, on the fertile plain between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

By the year 4000 , the Sumerians had established the earliest-known cities and government institutions.

Writing, mathematics, and science also began in Sumer.

These were whittled down to a shortlist based on the number of public votes received with bonus points for nominations from MPs.

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