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********* Maddy Ryerson woke to the sound of her husband's snoring. She was glad Carl hadn't awakened before her, because her son's dried cum still coated her nude body in a thick, flaky crust. I think you want it too." Kyle could see in his mom's face that she was torn. Kyle helped set the table while Maddy finished making omelets, along with bacon and strawberries on the side. Though she had kept her son at bay so far this morning, she couldn't stop thinking about the feeling of him inside her. She shook her head slightly, as though to rid herself of those thoughts. Then she felt Kyle's foot against her calf, under the table. Carl looked up from a big chunk of omelet on his fork, with heavy-lidded eyes. The interest had waned in recent years, but this particular meteor shower was supposed to be a good one, and it had caught their attention. "I thought we'd have a late barbeque, and then sit in the back yard and watch it. "I think your dad wants help fixing the sprinklers." Maddy wanted to avoid Kyle during the day, so long as she could. Carl rummaged through the garage to find the tools needed to fix the sprinklers.

Eager to wash off the evidence of her tryst with her son before Carl awoke, Maddy threw back the bed covers and walked naked to the bathroom. When the food was done they sat at the small table in the kitchen. It's supposed to start around 11 p.m." "Sounds good," said Carl. " "I think you almost finished them off last night," said Maddy. She knew he wouldn't control himself, especially if Carl weren't around. "It's going to be over a hundred degrees outside today." "It's no big deal, Kyle," said Carl. A couple of the sprinkler heads aren't working and must be replaced. You can go swimming afterward." Kyle thought he would prefer doing errands with his mom, not his dad. Kyle resigned himself to having to wait until evening to have another chance with mom. His dad took forever getting stuff together in the garage to work on the sprinklers.

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Under the hot spray of the shower, Maddy's body trembled at the memory of the previous night with her son, Kyle. Maddy had given her body, fully and without reservation, to her son, and he had taken it and fucked her fast and hard. Maddy didn't know how she would approach Kyle and talk to him about it. Out of the shower, Maddy toweled herself off, and she crept back into the bedroom to her dresser to retrieve clothes to wear, taking care to avoid making noise that would wake Carl. Carl sat on one side of the table and Kyle sat on the other side. "I'll go to the store later today and pick up some beer along with food for dinner." Kyle perked up. And she wasn't sure how well she would control herself, either. Kyle watched his mom leave the house, her ass snug and shapely in the tight shorts. By the time he'd gotten it together it was mid-day, and Carl decided he wanted to watch a few innings of a baseball game on television.

Kyle had undressed her on the loveseat in the living room, while Carl had watched T. Her body had convulsed with the orgasm Kyle had given her with his furious fucking. She would have to find a way to convince him that, no matter how good it had felt, they couldn't do it again. She pulled on shorts and a t-shirt over a bra and panties, anticipating another sweltering summer day ahead. Once settled into his chair in front of the television, however, and with the last three beers from the refrigerator at his side, Carl wouldn't get out until the game was over.

It had been a long time since her husband, Carl, had made her feel that way. Shutting the bedroom door quietly behind her, Maddy walked to the kitchen, enjoying the coolness of the wood strip floor under her bare feet. Your father's going to be up soon and he can't see us like this. Kyle sat on the sofa next to his dad, trying to watch the game, but thinking about his mom's body the entire time. It was mid-afternoon when the game finished and Carl finally roused himself to get his chores done. "Let's fix those sprinklers." "Dad, it's three o clock.

She entered the kitchen and glanced at the calendar on the refrigerator door. What happened, happened, but it can't happen again. Please." Kyle stopped trying to pull his mom closer to him. It's over a hundred degrees outside." "Oh, come on," Carl urged. It won't take long, and you can go swimming when we're done." Kyle thought about how his dad could be lazy about a lot of things, but he liked doing yard work, and he always seemed to pick the hottest time of day to do it.

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