Leeds united cinsel office

No firm details are given on the location of the new office as yet but Ms Brown assured this newspaper that it would be “around five minutes from the station”, with full details anticipated in the next few days following the competition of lease agreements.

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Otherwise, it's a day of sunshine and showers these heavy in places. Chilly but bright start on Wednesday before rain arrives in the west later.

This clearing to sunshine and showers or longer spells of rain through Thursday and Friday. Updated: on Mon BST Showers and perhaps more persistent spells of rain and strong winds clearing northeast on Saturday, with drier and sunnier conditions following for Sunday.

De närmaste veckorna samlas tusentals människor i vårt sydliga grannland för att delta i det en del kallat "mänsklighetens viktigaste möte någonsin".

Copenhagen 09 kan bli en milstolpe i kampen för miljöns överlevnad, den globala uppvärmningens vågbrytare och ytterst sett mänsklighetens fortsatta möjligheter att existera på det här klotet, det tredje från solen.

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