Letter to editor mandating vaccine

This condition came to light when Eli Lilly came up with a new form of water soluble mercury in the late 1920’s. Leo Kanner of John Hopkins University as early as 1943 published at least 49 research papers supporting the link between autism and vaccines.

There appears to be a war being waged across the U.

S., aimed at our youngest and most vulnerable and also our health care and child-care workers, regarding mandatory vaccination.

As a medical student and bioethics graduate student, I am particularly invested in these issues.

I believe that resolutions will come at the end of debates in which we consider the common good and individual autonomy, a debate this country has had since its founding. Anesi Cleveland, March 22, 2008 To the Editor: It seems the parents who reject vaccines have it all figured out: they've done their ''research'' and claim to ''understand'' the risks and benefits of exempting their children from vaccines.

Spending a night in ICU with an 18-month-old on a respirator, fighting to survive pneumonia, while comforting parents of other youngsters brain-damaged from meningitis.

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