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” She asked, somewhat sarcastically.”No, but I was thinking of bringing a collection plate.” I answered, “But, with my co-workers I wouldn’t make much.””Bless me Father for I have sinned,” she giggled.”Oh, tell me more little girl. ” I asked.”I have been such a bad girl,” she explained.”Must be the Devil in you,” I started, “Perhaps you need to be exorcised.”More like exercised, but there was time for that later. Thus I left it this afternoon burning, a resemblance of Sodom, or the last day. The Journal of John Evelyn – 3rd September 1666 ***** The summer of 1666 had been sweltering hot, with barely any rain to wash away London’s stench.

Zoe was slightly disconcerted to see that they were parked in what could only be described as a back alley. He kissed me square on the mouth and handed me the beer he’d brought in, whispering, “See you Monday, Senior Marketing Assistant. Her ass cheeks felt as firm as I thought they would.

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