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The French start up, which is now serving singles in 25 cities around the world, has just announced it has raised another €12.5 million in funding, on top of the €8 million it raised in February, meaning over €20 million in less than a year.

That counts as a record for a French start up and founder Didier Rappaport says the money will help them conquer new markets.

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Cookie has nothing to lose but I have everything to lose.

At the same time, while I am diplomatic, I will also stand up for myself. I grew up in the 'hood but was too scared to go to jail so I wasn't selling drugs or doing them because my goal was to get out of the 'hood.

Henson, 46, a Golden Globe-winning actress, shares how life has changed, personally and professionally, for her since Cookie came along and reveals her dating fears. I had to buy a house in California on a private road and I have to get up very early in the morning and dress in a hoodie to walk my dog, so that's a direct result of the show.

I always loved to people watch but now I can't because they are always watching me. I think I'm a very outspoken person but I have to be politically correct.

Relationships can provide a real sense of satisfaction when they flow smoothly or they can be a chief source of stress. Here’s the thing, there’s an art to interpersonal dynamics, a set of skills, that unfortunately we aren’t taught. My mission and my passion is to teach these skills and help you make powerful, lasting changes in your love life.

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