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Madison hildebrand dating

“Part of his thoughts, when our relationship was dissolved, was that Josh and I were trying to snake his clients and do something shady,” Heather Bilyeu explains in defense of her actions, adding, “And nothing like that ever happened.

And so, you know, it’s just frustrating that he thought that so badly of me at the time and hopefully now he’s seen that it’s just paranoia at the time and it is what it is.

While Bilyeu did want to step out on her own and pursue real estate as a career, Madison simply felt he had to fire her. recently, adding, “And, unfortunately, it didn’t end well. “It was also evident, per Heather, that her and Josh were beginning to date.

That is a huge conflict of interest, so I had to let her go,” Madison has revealed about their friendship in a blog dating back to November, 2015.

Heather was working as his assistant, but because of her role on the show, she naturally met Madison’s co-stars. According to a new Bravo report, Heather Bilyeu is now revealing that things haven’t exactly worked things out since their friendship ended. While Hildebrand has no desire to return to the show full-time, he did film a few scenes where he ran into Josh Altman.

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