Magnesium sedating

When stress dominates our body loses essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Stress will cause an increase in adrenal output of mineral corticoids.

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Holzman Guest Contributor I’m one of an elite group of American patients. Like most Americans, I was ignorant of all of this until about a month ago.

Only about one percent of us undergo colonoscopy without sedation. In my imagination, a sedation-free colonoscopy would have been painful indeed, the device snaking up my GI tract, pushing against my insides as it resisted the twists and turns.

(He gets top grades on several different doctor evaluation websites.) And overall, the discomfort was minimal, hitting maybe 3-max out of 10 on the pain-meter for seconds at a time here and there, and otherwise never going beyond 2 out of 10, comparable, perhaps, to a very mild cramp.

I’d much rather have another colonoscopy than an upset stomach.

The Prep: Dystopian Poison Far worse than the colonoscopy was the “prep.” And the really bad part of the prep was the drinking of the laxative.

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