Mandating and enforcing culture

Here is a look at how other countries handle the hijab, or a head scarf, and the veil, which covers the whole face except the eyes.

BANNED Belgium: After France's ban in 2011, Belgium followed suit and later that year also banned the full Muslim veil.

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Reacting to Daesh’s iconoclastic fury, the UNESCO 38th General Conference of Paris, 3–18 November 2015, passed a resolution to establish – adopting an effective slogan often used by both media and diplomats – the ‘Blue Helmets for Culture’.

Building on the positive experience of the ‘United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali’ (MINUSMA), which was mandated to ensure the safeguarding of cultural heritage sites in collaboration with UNESCO, the resolution adopts a new strategy founded on two key elements: the inclusion of a cultural component in the mandates of peacekeeping interventions where cultural heritage is at risk; the creation of a task force of experts in the protection of cultural heritage.

By this account, the company does alright, having their monotonous, wearing work completed, and escaping any real backlash by buying the employees off with a facsimile of social life. As we see, some are disillusioned that the promises don't line up with reality.

Others may be drawn into dependency, as they've been encouraged to draw their social world from the same well as their pay-check.

We are currently witnessing the most dramatic attack on cultural properties since the large-scale destruction and misappropriation of cultural heritage seen in World War II.

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