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People with travel letters need to get both entry and exit stamps on the travel letter, show it at all times, and do let the INM entry-point agents keep it.People whose previous year’s INM permit expires while outside Mexico, may enter within 55 days of expiration.In the pilot, Frasier's father Martin (John Mahoney), a down-to-earth, blue-collar, easygoing man as different from his pompous, stuffy, intellectual son as it is possible to be, is forced to move in with Frasier following his retirement from the Seattle police force after being shot in the hip, providing the setting for the rest of the show.

Martin's deceptively intelligent Jack Russell terrier Eddie, Frasier's coworkers at KACL, and Niles's unseen but outlandish wife Maris were the final touches to the core cast, which remained intact and unchanged throughout all eleven seasons of the show's run.

Dan Butler, who played sports show host Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe, was listed in the opening credits for seasons 4 through 6, but was billed as a guest star for all other appearances.

Worldwide this holiday brings a multitude of meanings, so in true story telling fashion … Travelling across the globe through a colourful array of cultures, we first arrive in Europe where a variety of countries reveal a whole cast of star-studded quirky traditions.

As we traverse a fascinating land, our first port of call brings us to the east, where we are delighted with the enchanting Valentine’s Day customs of Slovenia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Romania and Estonia.

February and spring is in the air, so let’s get back to working the fields on this glorious Saint Valentines (Zdravko) and leave the declaration of love to the birds.

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