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An excellent buy.........................................., Three salt prints all with Vannerson of Richmond back marks. After he had recovered sufficiently to perform administrative and desk duty, he was promoted to major general dating from December 4, 1862.

According to modern wisdom, humans evolved on Earth no earlier than two million years ago.

Yet many of these artifacts were made long before then. Could any of these anomalies have been the result of an advanced civilization once present on our planet?

The Adams family was associated with the Zingline and Shupan families.

This collection consists of 505 items and one manuscript volume.

Hung around Greenwich Village early 1950s and was friend of painter Iris Brody. Was the "junkey girl" with whom Kerouac had brief affair in New York, as mentioned in his letter to Ginsberg, dated early May 1954 in Jack Kerouac: Selected Letters, Vol.1.

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