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Of course, as fans well know, Saoirse’s character Melanie DOES finally meet her match when her body becomes host to alien Wanderer…

In it, Saoirse Ronan and the delicious Max Irons contemplate their romantic future amidst the growing threat of being caught by “The Souls” – aka, the aliens!

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It's a role that called for him to speak entirely in German although he doesn't speak a word.

The other film is "The Riot Club" loosely based on Oxford University's elite Bullingdon Club which claims British P.

Boy and girl fall in love while realizing they are the last human man and woman on Earth. Okay, not that last part, but the rest of what we just said perfectly sets up for you this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek we have from Stephenie Meyer’s newest book-to-flick, !

Boy and girl and her brother try to outrun an alien race trying to abduct them.

Max Irons walks into a West London café dressed in a slim black overcoat, smelling slightly of tobacco. He talks about his dyslexia, which was so bad he couldn't write his name at eight; his expulsion from boarding school for getting caught ('weird', but it's one of Max's favourite films); and the family's controversial holiday castle in Kilcoe, Ireland, the colour of which has become an obsession of the tabloid press.

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