Methods of validating a questionnaire

Basic steps for validating your items and your scale should include: If your scale is not unidimensional, these steps have to be done for each subscale, and you could also factor out the correlation matrix of your factors to assess the second-order factor structure (or use structural equation modeling, or confirmatory factor analysis, or whatever you want).You can also assess convergent and discriminant validity by using Multi-trait scaling or Multi-trait multi-method modeling (based on interitem correlations within and between scales), or, again, SEMs.Back translate: To get a sense of how effective the translation was, have another independent person translate the translated questionnaire back into the original language.

Questionnaires are the most frequently used data collection method in educational and evaluation research.

Questionnaires help gather information on knowledge, attitudes, opinions, behaviors, facts, and other information.

The responses to the questionnaire are on a Likert scale; can anyone suggest any further tests to apply to help test its validity.

I am not an expert on statistics so any help would be appreciated.

Abstract Questionnaires are the most widely used data collection methods in educational and evaluation research.

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