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An issue that cropped up recently on a Windows PC was that it appeared to be showing the wrong date for files in an Explorer window.

This was a Google Drive synced folder, so it looked like a Drive problem, but it wasn’t. (This is not a Windows 8 problem though and it applies to all versions of Windows.) Clicking any of the column headers in Details view sorts the files by that attribute, so if you click header again reverses the sort order if it is not the one you want.

If you want to change the way the date is formatted in a certain language, you can go to the Insert tab-Date and time.

Then a window will pop up with a list of ways to format dates and times in that language: To set one as default, pick one and click on the Default button.

See screenshot: As they are formulas, you need to copy and paste them as values. In the Apply Date Formatting dialog box, choose the proper date format you need. See screenshot: Now all selected dates are changed to the date format you specified. Then the selected dates are converted to mm/dd/yyyy date format immediately, in the meanwhile a Convert to Date dialog box pops up and lists all conversion status of the selected dates. See screenshot: Note: For the cells you don't need to convert, please select these cells in the dialog box with holding the Ctrl key, and then click the Recover button.

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