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I gawked for a few minutes until a young man left the ice cream parlor and headed toward the car. For god sakes, that car costs more than the house I live in! What couldn’t have been more than 20 words seemed like a novel. Perplexed that his answer didn’t match my preconception; my prepared follow-up questions were nullified, paralyzing my next move.

Having accepted her fiancé Tommy's proposal last year, despite her overbearing mother Vida's distaste, Mercedes finally seems to have a clear direction of where her life is headed.

It’s one of the few occasions in which an extra green on my plate is not welcome. However, cutting the pizza up into bite-sized pieces somehow changes the whole ball game for me, and for a brief moment, my brain is tricked into thinking, “Wait a minute, have my tastebuds changed? Regardless, on this occasion when I made pesto and slathered it onto naan (thanks, Krista for the inspiration!

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Try saying it like 10x and you’ll know what I mean ;)) and madly in love. I cut them into individual blocks, wrap in plastic wrap, and store in an airtight freezer bag with the date on it. Lately, I’ve been on a walnut kick so that’s really the only substitute I made to a traditional pesto. Not only was this a tasty appetizer, snack, meal…whatever you want to call it, but this is sure to make you an instant star with your loved ones at the next gathering.

The fresh basil did not come from our garden this time, but rather from our bi-weekly CSA box. I try to use them up within 2 months, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. You can adjust the thickness of the pesto by adding more or less olive oil (or water). It’s a shame that nobody was around when these bad boys came out of the oven.

'cause after she shared her bikini-wedgie with the world ...

READ MORE Kim Kardashian started an ass-selfie trend ... READ MORE It's pretty much freezing everywhere else on the planet ... which is cool since we know she has at least one huge fan, right in our own office. READ MORE "Shahs of Sunset" buxom party girl Mercedes "MJ" Javid poured her voluptuous curves into a terrified purple animal print bikini and soaked her smooth womanly flesh under the sun in Santa Barbara…

She decides that she wants to try for a baby and moves into two condos with plans to renovate.

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