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And then there's that common driver's pastime of "dictating something onto a recording device -- say a decision about a fine, a charge or a verdict." At which stage one might suspect the judge was just being facetious after a long day in court.

But it turns out that he does have a point to make.

Yes, I’m a creepy guy on the train or in a cafe that watches everyone else with curiosity.

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It enables guest to engage in any applications the hotel provides in their own convenience.

Read More Reports: Mobile trends in travel technology According to study, 58% of American consumers aging from 12- 64 have their own smartphone device which translate that they are becoming more mobile.

I used to think I had strong opinions, was decisive, and able to “evaluate” others. I understood where they were coming from, their motivations, and why they said what they said and did what they did. I was a highly skilled definer, and an even better dismisser.

Once I’d figured you out, my opinions were set in stone. With the benefit of time and hindsight, I’ve come to realize that since I was actively embracing a life of personal growth (or “working on my stuff,” as I like to call it), I somehow felt that gave me free rein to comment on what others were doing.

In the ever-growing world of smartphones and our mobile life, one thing has become fairly clear: We all love our own phone, but we hate yours.

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