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A case worker with Adult Protective Services noticed she was missing when she went to check on her after reports that her son, John Roosevelt, 49, had been stealing from her.An officer did a follow-up visit and Roosevelt told the officer that she went to Savannah, Georgia.

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It's been a difficult case." Jury selection started almost two weeks ago and the trial had dozens of witnesses and exhibits, including photographs.

The verdict came after riveting testimony by Scrivo, who took the stand in her own defense starting Friday and was cross examined today.

Here, a mom to a young autistic boy and an adult on the spectrum sit down to bridge the gap.

Kids with autism—like my son Liam, a non-speaking 7-year-old on the spectrum—benefit when their parents engage in dialogue with autistic adults.

LANG is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 20 books, including Why a Daughter Needs a Dad, Why a Daughter Needs a Mom, Why a Son Needs a Dad, Why a Son Needs a Mom, and Why I Love You.

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