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From watching Ne Ne give Cynthia and Kenya the cold shoulder after pretending to be friendly with them last episode, to finding out that Roger Bobb may have cheated on Demetria, there was a lot going on with episode nine of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Let’s get to it.Bravo While some people might not be crazy about the idea, Peter has made Cynthia more than just his partner in love and life, but also in business.

You’ll be the type that becomes a human Transformer to become what you think they need so you can be ‘loved’, plus you may expect them to want to be with you all the time, or you may play Florence Nightingale and take on their problems, be a Buffer in a Transitional Relationship trying to heal them from a previous relationship, or for example, try to get them to meet needs that a parent should have originally fulfilled, something that If you have those same needs in a relationship with someone who has shown themselves not to be capable of meeting them no matter what they say, it doesn’t make you ‘needy’ but you are wasting your time and trying to change them.

If you have unrealistic expectations from partners and expect them to make you feel things about you that you can’t even feel for yourself, you’re going to run into problems no matter the type of relationship and yes, it for mutual love, care, trust, and respect and as a result, they work off this fear that if they don’t yield and bend to the other party, they won’t have their needs met, so they abandon themselves and then end up on a diet of crumbs not getting their needs met Hunger is hunger.

Now while having a healthy sense of self means that by improving your self-esteem, you don’t go around ‘starving’ looking for people to feed you scraps and instead go around with a comfortable relationship ‘stomach’, if you’re feeling hungry in a relationship because you can’t even get a care, respect, or trust ‘biscuit’, it’s because you’re in an unhealthy relationship and you haven’t but if you are not in a mutual relationship, it’s an inequitable partnership – someone is getting things on their terms.

All too often I see that people are only too happy to get a shag, ego stroke, and a shoulder to lean on and we think they value these things Shags, ego strokes, and a shoulder to lean on are the easy things to give and take but they are not an automatic precursor to the meat and two veg of relationships – commitment, intimacy, progression, balance, and consistency along with mutual love, care, trust, and respect and shared values.

If you have then share some advice on how you did it.

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