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You can read more about HIV symptoms here, but other than the symptoms that can occur early after infection – seroconversion (when your body is making the antibodies) the symptoms are for the most part, invisible.In fact some people are HIV positive for years, feeling fit and healthy with no idea they have the virus.

‘It sends a strong message that sex is scary and eventually they’ll go elsewhere and get the information,’ says Bayley.

Be honest and use the correct names for body parts, says the Family Planning Association’s David Kesterton.

Thirty years ago, if a person felt unwell or was in pain, they would book an appointment, pop into their family doctor’s surgery and have a chat with their GP who would investigate the symptoms, diagnose and prescribe treatment, which in many cases would be bedrest and plenty of fluids.

Ten years ago, if a person felt unwell or was in pain, they would go online, Google their symptoms, decide what was wrong with them (more often than not, they would come up with a much more serious diagnosis than their symptoms indicated), panic and visit a GP, telling the doctor precisely what they deemed to be wrong with them…

Today, people are much more inclined to go straight to their smartphone.

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