Northern soul dating site

To the last, they face the DJ, shuffling from side to side like a gaggle of Whirling Dervishes before clapping their hands in unison and breaking into spins, splits and backdrops.

"The main thing I love about the Northern soul scene is the sense of community," she says.

"Everybody coming together over the love of the same music is ace."Constantine's film, set deep in the dour industrial North of 1974, takes place against the backdrop of that most beguiling and eccentrically idiosyncratic of all British style tribes – Northern soul – which, based around dancing all night (and sometimes all day) in ballrooms to rare Sixties and Seventies US black soul 7in singles, baggy trousers and bundles of speed, is about as British, in its own peculiar way, as Morris dancing.

This group is open to all ages, single or not to enjoy getting together over a coffee or a meal out.

The idea is to have fun and to let everyone know when there are some interesting local events such as live music, good film at the cinema, music festivals, theatre evenings and maybe a good pub night.

Watch the Northern Soul Amsterdam mini weekender promo video...

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