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Some of them are sweet, some are strange, many are provocative. Renee's mother Barbara claims she is mystified by Renee's virtual success, saying she has "no idea" why the site is so popular. But Renee thinks differently: "They're hoping to see goodies. Her mother says that older guys will look at her daughter no matter what. So I mean they're gonna look at her no matter where she's at," Barbara says. In addition to the member fees, Renee also gets paid for directly linking her Web site to other Web sites, including one that is pornographic.

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It has evolved over the years and for a few years I kinda forgot it was here and focused on other things (like my baby! Now I am planning on refocusing and adding some new webcams, free webcam girls and stuff.

My Boring Life has many different sections, files and so on..

Renee is a "Cam Girl"-- just one of hundreds of young girls who compete for attention on the Web by putting webcam photos and videos of themselves online. But it isn't free: For four days it's $5.95; for a month it's $15.95; for six months it's $59.95. There's chat, information about how she does her hair and where she shops, and Renee's daily journal.

Renee has also posted more than 500 photos on the site.

All the girls are different, but each is just as hot as the next.

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