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Miss Baiul, who moved to the United States after the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway to pursue a somewhat short-lived professional career in the Ice Follies (or whatever the professional ice skating circuit is called), is perhaps best known for the dramatic and dizzying velocity of her flying camel into a donut spin maneuver (seen here at the minute mark), a modified catch-foot camel in which Miss Baiul effortlessly hiked one of her straw thin but clearly quite powerful legs up from behind her by the skate blade to form an “O” shape parallel to the ice, all while spinning like a goddam dervish on crack. Forget about how it makes Your Mama need a muscle relaxer just to watch ice gliding contortionists like Miss Baiul, we just can’t fathom how she can can spin like that without barfing up her breakfast.

Many ice skating books explain figure skating for beginners, but this book is a great starter for those considering a professional career on the ice. Tons of great pictures of Oksana, and she writes in a pleasant, simple manner.

I sprinted to the bookstore the day this book was released and snatched up the last copy. But I get the feeling that she just wasn't ready to truly share herself at the time, which makes sense, considering when she wrote it.

Available to Stream: April 21Director: Craig Leeson Fun Fact: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the big hunk of non-recyclable plastic just sitting in the Pacific Ocean, is currently twice the size of Texas—and growing.

SELLER: Oksana Baiul LOCATION: Cliffside Park, NJPRICE: $799,000SIZE: 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms YOUR MAMAS NOTES: One day last week, while holed up in our city view hotel room in New York City we unexpectedly received a covert communique from a nice gal in New Jesery—let’s just call her Suhbeenuh Snitcharoohoo—who claimed intimate knowledge of a certain high-rise apartment tower in Cliffside Park (NJ) where Ukranian-born and -bred Olympic Gold medal winning figure skater Oksana Baiul has long lived in a high-floor apartment that she recently triple salchowed onto the open market a week or so ago with an asking price of $799,000.

Baiul participated in the 1994 Winter Olympics, where she was second to Nancy Kerrigan in the short program of the Ladies’ singles.

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