Online dating based on books

We shop for everything on the internet, from food to clothes to things to do. There is undeniable appeal to being able to “preview” a person before really trying them out.Why waste a night on a bad date if you can establish from a profile or a few sentences of conversation that there’s no possibility?

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And I'm certainly not alone in finding cyberspace to be an interesting framework for fictional relationships.

(British) Annie posts a review online criticizing an album put out by her boyfriend Duncan's favorite singer/songwriter, (American) Tucker Crowe, who walked away from fame years earlier and has been a recluse ever since.

The site’s creators then contact the pin-up to check the interest is mutual.

Users pose with a copy of one of their favourite books: choices range from the highbrow (Homer) to the more simple (The Very Hungry Caterpillar), and a witty blurb prefaces most of the profiles: “Natasha is a (nearly) 25-year-old librarian from Whitechapel with a penchant for older Hungarian men.

Annie e-mails back, and an online flirtation ensues.

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