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He basically said, “I won’t make a big deal or any-sized deal about it,” though he did go pretty deeply and somewhat creatively into the dangers of pornography to It is a quandary.What should you do in this garden-variety situation?Furthermore, I could clearly see that Mc Donald’s(Mc D’s) was doing really, really well. Personally, I think of that freaky looking ‘King’ guy that appears to belong on some Rated-R movie. Let’s put it like this, who would your child rather approach—Ronald Mc Donald or Freaky Burger King guy? It was expensive and there were certainly a fair share of franchisees that were none-too-thrilled. But their willingness to fail is in a class by itself and enables them to stay ahead of their competitors year after year. At first everyone thought a ‘pancake sandwich’ sounded really weird, that is until they tasted them.

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(crickets in the background…..)Hey, why reinvent the wheel when it already works?

A perfect example of this is the relatively new country fried chicken sandwich of Mc D’s. For years Mc D’s has established strong relationships in their brand by marketing directly to children, and giving them the products they want—little meals with lots of color, happy faces, and a toy (hence, ). Can you come up with the name of their ‘kid’s meal’? Not only were these the first guys way back in the day to invent the fast food burger and then franchise their little gold-mine, but they have also continued to be first in most areas to this day.

The other day, as I was standing at a gas station I looked out to see a Mc Donald’s and Burger King on opposite sides of the street. Yep, Mickey D’s is loaded with brand images that are embedded into the souls of Americans from a very early age, and the company’s influence has been profound. When someone says ‘Burger King’, what do you think of? Mc D’s has always been known to make tough choices—some succeeding greatly and some failing miserably.

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