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Where a person grows up, and who they surround themselves with, can have a significant experience on who they become.

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What difference does it make, in a 'globalized' world, where online courses and TED Talks are readily accessible, to live in London, England or Calgary, Alberta?

Although virtual communication works in many situations, it cannot replace the experience of being physically in a place.

The group’s administrators, however, declined to comment, in seeking to protect the privacy of discussions which taken place in the group, which has ‘closed’ privacy settings, and none of those involved responded to ’s requests.

Criticisms of the site appeared to focus on the old-fashioned and allegedly sexist nature of the site’s core values, the alleged appearance of a heteronormative culture, and derision of the notion of women waving a handkerchief to attract men’s sexual or romantic attention.

Murtagh continued: “I was also interested in ‘old-fashioned’ ways of dating as I found that taking things slowly allowed me to find out what the men I was dating were like and how they were likely to treat me in a relationship.

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