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Now, if that reason is a shallow reason, then by all means, confront your parents out of respect and let them know your heart on the matter; but if they dislike the person for an internal matter, something characteristic, then keep an eye out.

Your parents truly do have your best interests at heart and only desire the best for you.2.

This is causing me a lot of stress and tension because I am really close to my parents. -"Torn between him and them," 25, Michigan Dear "Torn," As part of a generation raised by "helicopter parents," I'm guessing Mom and Dad have been very involved in every aspect of your life and have an opinion about everything you do - including whom you date.

And if you are like most twenty-somethings, their approval means a great deal to does your current "Mc Dreamy," so what's a girl to do?

You may not care about the fact that they don’t have anything to offer but emotional support, but in five years, you may have wished you did.

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