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But shhh don't tell my dad." We'll keep your secret, Paulina.

Quiet dinner at home with the parents or pound the pavement in search of some excitement — Paulina's choice is obvious.

Last week, Johnson, 30, suddenly announced that he was taking a voluntary leave of absence from the PGA tour to “seek professional help for personal challenges.” The PGA later insisted that despite allegations to the contrary, he was not suspended.

But according to, Johnson’s behavior has been an inside topic for quite some time as he is often spotted at local bars near his Florida home, and it has been reported that he has broken up at least one marriage with indiscretions involving other players’ wives.

In 2010, Paulina appeared in the reality TV show Pretty Wild as herself (friend) in an episode titled “The Arrest”. Paulina is known for her fitness, besides other things.

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