Police officer dating nurses

Charlton was convicted of negligent driving in Washington state in 1998, aggravated robbery in Utah in 2006 and felony theft in Montana in 2009.

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Figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal that more than 100,000 primary and secondary school teachers, 70,000 police officers and up to 72,000 nurses have been dragged into the higher rate of tax.

Nick de Bois, a Conservative MP, said: “I have always maintained that the Conservative Party needs to recognise that the higher rate of tax kicks in at a level where people are far from well off.

A Seattle nurse and mother of three was killed by her boyfriend, who cut her apart then dumped her head and other body parts in a recycling bin, prosecutors said.

A judge set bail at $2 million for John Robert Charlton, 37, Tuesday, as court documents showed investigators searching Ingrid Lyne’s Renton home found a 15-inch pruning saw, swabs of blood and an empty box of trash bags identical to those in which her remains were found.

It was a frigid 18 degrees outside, but Austin’s palms were clammy.

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