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Regression analyses indicated an independent contribution of P3 amplitude to reading and arithmetic achievement beyond the variance accounted for by IQ and school grade. These data suggest that the P3, which reflects attentional processes involved in stimulus evaluation and inhibitory control may be a biomarker for academic achievement during childhood.* The relationship between ERPs and scholastic achievement was examined.* P3 amplitude was found to relate to both reading and arithmetic achievement.Thus, the relationship between academic achievement and the P3 component was assessed in a sample of 105 children during performance on a Go/No Go task.

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Next, based on the matrix update algorithm, we implement the policy update algorithm with the encryption algorithm of the basic CP-ABE scheme.

In our scheme, data access policy can be directly changed without key update.

However, due to the absence of the update function, CP-ABE has not been widely accepted as a complete access control tool.

In this paper, we add the update function for CP-ABE such that data access policy can be dynamically updated after the ciphertext is generated.

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