Politics and online dating

To protect the identities of those sampled, the study did not disclose the name of the site, but Klofstad told Huff Post that it was free to use and allowed users to select their own dates (as opposed to some sites, notably e Harmony, which pick matches for users).

According to a press release from Brown University, other findings include: DO POLITICS AND DATING MIX?

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Politics and online dating

If similar political views bring people together on the campaign trail, why not in romance as well?

That’s the concept behind two new dating websites for people on opposite sides of the political spectrum.

He kept hearing friends say they would never date someone from across the aisle.

One woman ended a relationship that was going well after she discovered the guy was a conservative.

and are named after the colors on a political map which indicate whether residents of an area vote predominantly Republican or Democrat.

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